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Generalized Libs

The development focus has for a while been on the observer libraries. There is a completely new version on the lib. The supported language COAml is described in a paper on TAIC-PART 2011. The library is generalized to work with any kind of events/traps. More info on the homepage of the Hessel Observer Framework.

With the new observer library there is also a new test case generation algorithm that is possible to integrate with any kind of executable model. Based on this algorithm a new version for the UPPAAL timed automata language may show up, a new UPPAAL CoVer version.

Note 2010-08-13: In the version 1.4, which is now the one that is possible to download, there are strange messages. After a bit of debugging I figured out that it has to do with linefeeds. Using a dos linefeed on e.g. gives a message that the parameters are invalid, which is not the case.

I have a newer (corrected) version (now only for Mac OS X), ask if it is helpful. I will try to make it available in the weekend. This version has support for lists and sets.

UPPAAL CoVer is a tool for creating test suites from UPPAAL models with coverage specified by coverage observers a.k.a. observer automata. UPPAAL CoVer is developed from UPPAAL version 4.0. The Solaris platform is no longer be supported. The supported platforms are now Win32, Linux, Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC).


Current version of UPPAAL CoVer (1.4) is available in the download section.


The Uppaal CoVer tool is free for non-profit applications.

There are parts of the Uppaal CoVer Tool that comes from Uppaal, therefore the user must agree to the Uppaal license.

Further information may be found at this web site in the pages About, Documentation, Download, and Publications.


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